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model predictive control disturbance model ?

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AMAN il 5 Apr 2024
Risposto: Sarthak il 17 Apr 2024
i had added the simulink file and mpcdesigner seession in this script. The model is working as intended but the problem is that i had taken measured disturbance in the model. I want to take the effects of these measured distrubances and also find the disturbance model (in state space form or any like the linearized plant model ). Is there any method to find the diisturbance model from matlab/simulink itself. Also if available can you please share the mathematics and modelling behind the simulink linear mpc block?

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Sarthak il 17 Apr 2024
Hello Aman,
As the documentation of the block suggests, it computes the optimal manipulated variable (mv) by solving a quadratic programming problem using either the default KWIK solver or a custom QP solver. You can read more about QP Solvers in the documentation link below which might give you more clarity on the modelling and mathematics behind it:
Regarding finding the disturbance model, please refer to the following documentations which should point you to the right direction:
Hope this helps!


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