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Anybody can help me to plot a sand rose diagram?

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Florentina il 6 Apr 2024
Risposto: Hassaan il 6 Apr 2024
Hello anyone. I never used Matlab and I need to plot a sand rose diagram, using Drift Potencial (DP) values within 16 bins direction and add the Resultant Drift Direction (RDD), which represent the direction of sand blowing (e.g 245).
Thank you!

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Hassaan il 6 Apr 2024
% Your DP values for each of the 16 directional bins
dp_values = [/* your DP values here */];
% Your RDD value
rdd_value = 245; % example value
% Calculate the number of bins (directions)
num_bins = numel(dp_values);
% Create the bin edges for the polar histogram
% Assuming each bin has an equal width
bin_edges = linspace(0, 360, num_bins+1);
% Calculate the bin centers
bin_centers = (bin_edges(1:end-1) + bin_edges(2:end))/2;
% Create a polar plot
% Add the RDD as a line on the plot
hold on;
rdd_rad = deg2rad(rdd_value); % Convert RDD to radians
rdd_max = max(dp_values); % Set the length of the RDD vector to the max DP value
% Plot the RDD as a line
polarplot([rdd_rad rdd_rad], [0 rdd_max], 'r-', 'LineWidth', 2);
% Optional: add a title and modify axes
title('Sand Rose Diagram with Resultant Drift Direction');
rlim([0 rdd_max]); % Set the limits of the radial axis
% Release the hold on the current figure
hold off;
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