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How do I perform SIL testing on a model that uses routines from the AUTOSAR 4.0 code replacement library?

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I would like to use the AUTOSAR 4.0 Code Replacement Library while generating code for my model.

However, the generated code includes an "Ifl.h" header file that is not included and thus the model fails to build for SIL testing.

How can I perform SIL testing on my model?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team il 3 Apr 2024
This is a common issue with any Code Replacement Library (CRL), since the point of a CRL is generally to insert target-specific C code in place of more generalized C code that runs on any target. For SIL to work, you need to have a host definition for any replaced functions.
Starting in MATLAB R2021b, host definitions for AUTOSAR 4.0 Code Replacement Library functions are included in MATLAB, allowing you to run SIL/PIL verification on models using the AUTOSAR 4.0 Code Replacement Library. Please see the following documentation for more information regarding this:
Additionally, if you are using a Code Replacement Library which is based on the AUTOSAR 4.0 Code Replacement Library, please ensure that the name of the Code Replacement Library contains the string "AUTOSAR 4.0" to ensure the host library is configured properly.
In versions prior to MATLAB R2021b, you will need to define your own host definitions for these functions.

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