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Using live function within live script

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Dustin il 16 Apr 2024
Modificato: Sanju il 23 Apr 2024 alle 6:21
Hello all
Does anyone know if it is possible to display the contents of a live function inside of a live script? I have some text and pictures that would be nice to display within the live script so as it runs I can use the export to pdf. feature to create a log of the script.
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Chunru il 17 Apr 2024
Release note for r2024a says that you can place live function anywhere in live script.

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Sanju il 22 Apr 2024 alle 11:53
Modificato: Sanju il 23 Apr 2024 alle 6:21
Hi Dustin,
Yes, it is possible to display the contents of a live function within a live script in MATLAB. You can integrate text, images, equations, and other elements directly within the live script, enhancing documentation alongside your code. This integrated environment allows for comprehensive documentation, which can be exported to PDF using the built-in export feature. Here's an outline of the process:
  1. Write your live script in MATLAB.
  2. Include text, images, equations, etc., within the script.
  3. Run the live script.
  4. Utilize the export to PDF feature to generate a PDF document containing the script and its output.
Below is an example illustrating this,
% Preload the image
k = imread("R.jpg");
% Call the live function within the live script
inputValue = 5;
outputValue = myLiveFunction(inputValue);
% Display the result in the live script
disp(['The output of the live function for input ', num2str(inputValue), ' is ', num2str(outputValue)]);
% Display the image outside the function
function result = myLiveFunction(input)
% Perform computation
result = input * 2;
This example demonstrates how to incorporate both image display and function calls within a live script in MATLAB. You can further enrich this by including formatted text, images, equations, etc., to provide additional context or explanations.
For more information, you can refer to the following documentation links:
Hope this helps!


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