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Problems about multiple mathwork account and university student license.

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My problem seems a little bit weired. My University license is somehow linked with an account registered with my personal email address (account A). Now, when I reinstalled my matlab and want to activate it, the system says I must verify my university login infomation. And when I click the link, login using my university username and password, it is redirected to another mathwork account which is directly login using my university email address(account B). Now that My University license is in account A so account B shows that "You do not have any licenses linked with your MathWorks Account". And no matter how much time I click the link, I will be always directed to account B and I can never finish my activation. Any idea how to solve such weired problem?
Some screenshots:
Account A, my university license is here:
Account B, without any license:
But everytime I click the 'click here' link:
and verify my university username and password, I will always be directed to no license account B, which is really annoying and frustrating.

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Gyan Vaibhav
Gyan Vaibhav il 17 Apr 2024
Modificato: Gyan Vaibhav il 17 Apr 2024
Hi Ruizhe,
So from my understanding of the problem, you are trying to login with your personal email while installation which later gives you the following error to verify using your university credentials that logs you into a mathworks account corresponding to your university email.
If the portal that opens is a sign in portal of your university, you should log in with your university credentials, however if it's a mathworks portal try using your personal one, if that helps.
Another question that comes to me is, does the link open in a different web browser or it opens in a seperate window, under the mathworks installation program itself. If its opening in a seperate browser, make sure you log yourself out of the different accounts there before hand, and see if that works.
Apart from the above you can try the following:
  1. Try going through the steps mentioned in the following answer:
  2. Alternatively, try doing an offline install of MATLAB. You can find the steps here:
Hope this helps.
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rz jiang
rz jiang il 17 Apr 2024
Thanks for your reply. The problem is, the portal that opens is truly a sign in portal of my university. And after I input my university credentials, it will direct me to mathwork account B which shows "no license".
For the 3rd paragraph of your reply, the link opens in a different web browser, and even when I log off all my account and clear the browser cache, it still shows the portal of my university and I can only login with my university credential, which will forever direct me to the no license account B.
rz jiang
rz jiang il 17 Apr 2024
And if I go to the "Matlab for everyone" website of my university and click "sign in to get started", I will be required to login with my university credentials. Then I will also be directed to account B, which shows "You do not have any licenses linked with your MathWorks Account."

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