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how to solve my problem that i write

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asma il 22 Apr 2024
Spostato: Dyuman Joshi il 23 Apr 2024
I write this code and i wanne output that show me like a sinc function like picture that i attached. the other point is about my l value that i defined it, i wanne some random number between 11e-6 till 13e-6, is it true like this that i define?
close all;
capital_lambda = 20e-6;
% define sellmier equation to obtain refractive index
lambda_sh=0.775e-6; % SH wavelength
nlithium_sh = 2.1784;
lambda_ff=1.55e-6; % FF wavelength
nlithium_ff = 2.1376;
% parameters
capital_lambda = 20e-6;
Delta_kk = k_sh-2*k_ff;
L = 1; % Length;
sigma_l = 2; % sigma_l = l*sigma_avg
N=L/(capital_lambda/2); % number of domains
l=unifrnd(11e-6,13e-6,[1,1000]); %
for i=l
f=exp(-(pi.^2) .* (sigma_l.^2)/2.*(l.^2));
E3= f .* (sinc((Delta_k .* L)/2)).^2 + ((1-f)/N);
xlabel('(Delta_k * L)/pi');
ylabel('SHG Effiency');

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Hassaan il 22 Apr 2024
Modificato: Hassaan il 22 Apr 2024
close all;
% Constants and parameters
lambda_sh = 0.775e-6; % SH wavelength
nlithium_sh = 2.1784;
lambda_ff = 1.55e-6; % FF wavelength
nlithium_ff = 2.1376;
L = 1; % Length in some units, assuming meters
% Wave numbers
k_sh = (2 * pi / lambda_sh) * nlithium_sh;
k_ff = (2 * pi / lambda_ff) * nlithium_ff;
% Define the range of Delta_k*L/pi to evaluate the sinc-squared function
delta_kL_over_pi = linspace(-20, 120, 10000); % For a smooth curve
Delta_k = delta_kL_over_pi * pi / L;
% Calculate the sinc-squared function
E3 = sinc(Delta_k / (2*pi)).^2;
% Plotting
semilogy(delta_kL_over_pi, E3, 'LineWidth', 2);
xlabel('\Delta k L/\pi');
ylabel('Relative Efficiency |g|^2');
title('Second Harmonic Generation Efficiency');
grid on; % Adding grid for better readability
axis tight; % Remove extra white space in the plot
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asma il 23 Apr 2024
Spostato: Dyuman Joshi il 23 Apr 2024
why you omit f(sigma_l)? and another thing is delta_kk is a parameter that depends on k2-2*k1 , you omit this too and define delta_k_over_pi
can you explain it more
tnx alot

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