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Scatter plot to contour plot

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mads skibsted
mads skibsted il 24 Apr 2024
Risposto: Brahmadev il 24 Apr 2024
Can you help me using this function with the data attached?
I want to go from a scatter plot (below) to a contour plot.

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Brahmadev il 24 Apr 2024
You can use the following code for contour plot of your data:
filePath = 'filePath/k.txt'; % Define the file path
dataMatrix = readmatrix(filePath);
zz = dataMatrix(:, 3);
v=-50:0.001:50; % contour levels
tri=delaunay(dataMatrix(:, 1), dataMatrix(:, 2));
[C,h]=tricontour(tri,dataMatrix(:, 1),dataMatrix(:, 2),zz,v);
Hope this helps!


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