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Weird Character / broken fonts in MATLAB inputdlg / listdlg / gui

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I do not recall changing any default fonts (using MATLAB preferences) or settings, nor making any changes in Windows 11 language settings. Fonts appear to be broken in the GUI created with guide, and weird characters also appear when using inputdlg, listdlg, menu, or any such thing. Any help is highly appreciated.
  • Operating System: Windows 11
  • MATLAB: R2013b, R2024a
  • Display Language: ENGLISH (United States)
  • Regional Format: ENGLISH (United States)
  • Language for non-Unicode programs: ENGLISH (United States)

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Sarthak il 2 Mag 2024
Hi Sahar,
This usually happens due to broken/corrupted fonts in Windows. The following link mentions multiple methods to fix corrupted fonts:
If none of the mentioned methods resolve your issue, reaching out to MathWorks Technical Support might be a good idea.
Hope this helps!
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msahar il 5 Mag 2024
gone through given webpage and applied all the methods listed there to correct font probelm, but the issue still persists.

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