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gmsh .m files, reading boundaries

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Divyaprakash il 7 Mag 2024
Commentato: Divyaprakash il 19 Mag 2024 alle 5:50
Is it possible to export the boundary information when exporting gmsh mesh. I want to apply forces to certain boundaries in the mesh. I read that one can identify domains in the mesh, but could not find any information regarding boundaries.

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Jaynik il 16 Mag 2024 alle 6:39
Hi Divyaprakash,
Assuming the variable 'msh' contains the mesh information from the Gmsh '.m' file. You can read the following answer to read the file in MATLAB:
Once you have loaded the mesh information, you can use the findElements function to find mesh elements belonging to a specific region and the findNodes function to find the nodes that belong to a specific region from the Partial Differential Equation Toolbox.
You can directly use the properties of the 'msh' variable to create a triangulation object and use the freeBoundary function to find the outer surface of the mesh. Following is the code for the same:
nodes = msh.POS'; % Node coordinates
elements = msh.TETS(:, 1:4); % Element connectivity
T = triangulation(elements, nodes);
boundary_faces = freeBoundary(T);
Refer to the following documentation for more details about each function:
For a more detailed solution, it would be beneficial if you could provide additional details about your model.

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