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How to create union in simulink

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WJKIM il 8 Mag 2024
Commentato: Meghna il 16 Lug 2024 alle 23:51
I have a question about how to union in simulink in simulink coder.
I know how to create the bus of struct using the 'Simulink bus' in dictionary file. (*.sldd)
However, i can't see the part that creates the union.
Does Mathoworks support the method of generating code an union as shown below?
If so, could you tell me how?
thank you
typedef union
uint32 R;
uint16 H;
} Test_u;

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Anurag Ojha
Anurag Ojha il 8 Mag 2024
You can refer to following file exchange link to get more information:
I hope this helps you resolve your query
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WJKIM il 13 Mag 2024
I have a question about your link.
I found the 'TempBus' in *.m file. And its configuration of code generation is as follow:
Data scope : Imported
Header file : DataTypeImport.h
However, i don't find the DataTypeImport.h file.
Could you tell me where it is? How can i get that?
Meghna il 16 Lug 2024 alle 23:51
Following up on this as well, how is the header supposed to look/are there any examples?

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Angelo Yeo
Angelo Yeo il 8 Mag 2024
Current Simulink bus does not support union. Could we get a clearer understanding of why you want to realize the Simulink.Bus object as a union in the generated code? Is there any particular use case for this request?
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WJKIM il 10 Mag 2024
I respond to that.
If there are many flags (for example, Fault Flags), i can save memory space by using union.
This is only my opinion.

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