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How to put existing figures in one figure together in case labels are also existing?

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I have two existing figures ('0001.fig" and "0002.fig"), and want to put in one figure together vertically.
Due to the "Class labes", it is difficult.
Thank you,
ans =
Figure (1) with properties: Number: 1 Name: '' Color: [1 1 1] Position: [233 144 560 420] Units: 'pixels' Use GET to show all properties
ans =
Figure (2) with properties: Number: 2 Name: '' Color: [1 1 1] Position: [232 146 560 420] Units: 'pixels' Use GET to show all properties

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Angelo Yeo
Angelo Yeo il 12 Giu 2024
fig1 = openfig('0001.fig');
ax1 = findobj(fig1, 'type', 'axes');
cb1 = findobj(fig1, 'type', 'colorbar');
cmap1 = colormap(ax1);
fig2 = openfig('0002.fig');
ax2 = findobj(fig2, 'type', 'axes');
cb2 = findobj(fig2, 'type', 'colorbar');
cmap2 = colormap(ax2);
% A new figure and make it tile-layouted
newFig = figure;
t = tiledlayout(2, 1);
% copy axes from the first figure
new_ax1 = gca;
copyobj(allchild(ax1), new_ax1);
title(new_ax1, get(get(ax1, 'Title'), 'String'));
% copy the colorbar 1
if ~isempty(cb1)
new_cb1 = colorbar(new_ax1, 'Position', cb1.Position);
set(new_cb1, 'Limits', cb1.Limits, 'Ticks', cb1.Ticks, 'Location', cb1.Location, 'Color', cb1.Color, 'TickLabels', cb1.TickLabels);
colormap(new_ax1, cmap1)
grid on;
% copy axes from the second figure
new_ax2 = gca;
copyobj(allchild(ax2), new_ax2);
title(new_ax2, get(get(ax2, 'Title'), 'String'));
grid on;
% copy the colorbar 2
if ~isempty(cb2)
new_cb2 = colorbar(new_ax2, 'Position', cb2.Position);
set(new_cb2, 'Limits', cb2.Limits, 'Ticks', cb2.Ticks, 'Location', cb2.Location, 'Color', cb2.Color, 'TickLabels', cb1.TickLabels);
colormap(new_ax2, cmap2)
% close original figures

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