Save base workspace MAT file from GUI

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Jason il 18 Nov 2011
Guys -
I'm writing a GUI in which I'd like to put a pushbutton to save the entire base workspace to a .mat file. Problem is I don't know how to do that from the GUI subfunction workspace. Can anyone point me to the right approach or write a couple lines I can put in the pushbutton's callback function to save the base workspace as .mat?

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Jan il 18 Nov 2011
I do not think, that this method have enough control over what is written. But if you really want to save the base workspace to a MAT file:
evalin('base', 'save(''FileName.mat'')');
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Jason il 19 Nov 2011
Thanks Jan, you rock!

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Naz il 19 Nov 2011
Here is what I would do: for saving a particular set of variables in the struct you can create a struct and save it:
save ('filename', 'structDATA');
If you want to save all the variables from handles, then just do:
save ('filename', 'handles');
I hope this will work


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