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How to make static variable in Simulink

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I have several identical simulink models, where only the parameters vary:
Simulink block 1 uses the variables x.a{1}, x.b{1}, x.c{1} etc.
Simulink block 2 uses the variables x.1{2}, x.b{2}, x.c{2} etc
... up to Simulink block n using x.a{n} etc. The constants are used in gains, sums state space models etc.
How can i avoid hard coding the above numbers 1 through n in each and every block? I.e. i want Simulink block 1 to only contain the number 1 one time.
Hope this makes sense :)

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Sebastian il 28 Feb 2011
You could use a masked subsystem and just have the block instance number n as a parameter. Then in the mask initialization function you can access the structure fields and map to some local variables.
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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva il 28 Feb 2011
Unless a variable is defined in a mask that variable will be the same one that's on your workspace, when your start the simulation simulink gets the values for each variable (for example one Constant block with the variable MyVar in the Value).
Benjamin il 12 Mar 2011
Ok thanks that makes sense :)

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