Blending quiver on real georeferenced orthophoto

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Dear all, I am trying to blend my quiver plot on the orthophoto. I have looked at this link but there is just georeferencing two images. But my question is integrate plot or quiver function on to the orthophoto. quiver function has pixel coordinates, ortho image has geodetic coordinates. the problem is that I can not sign the same control points between them. But the good is that top left coordinates are same for quiver plot and orthophoto. And we know the sizes of two outputs, pixel sizes and coordinate limits "tfw" file. If somebody helps, I will appreciate. Thanks.
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abuzer on 20 May 2015
Hi everybody, I ve found a solution for my problem with Convert pixel coordinates to map coordinates.
[x,y] = pix2map(R,row,col)
s = pix2map(R,row,col)
[...] = pix2map(R,p)
More option can be found in Link

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Chad Greene
Chad Greene on 20 May 2015
Not sure if this helps, but quivermc may also be useful.
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abuzer on 28 Oct 2015
Sorry for late answer.Thank you very much. I will try to use your code for landslide movements.

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