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What is the simplest way to transfer my MATLAB settings from linux to windows (specifically: modified keyboard shortcut settings and the path to my library stored in Dropbox)

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Steven on 23 May 2015
I do most of my work in Linux but sometime have to use Windows for certain applications. I have MATLAB on both but have only recently wanted to use MATLAB on Windows. What is the simplest method for transferring my settings from Linux to Windows? I have my library of m files stored on Dropbox but I do not actually put every subfolder into the path. I also store my `.matlab/` directory in Dropbox (sync setting between my Linux desktop and laptop) and can see my `EmacsModifiedDefaultSet.xml` file with my keyboard preferences but MATLAB says it cannot import that.
I doubt it would be possible to sync the keyboard shortcuts file but if not, please let me know.


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