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How to combine SURF and Harris points MATLAB

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hana on 25 May 2015
Edited: Witek Jachimczyk on 26 May 2015
As we know at Matlab, there is function to detect Harris or SURF feature individually. Then I need to combine these two list of features from both the Harris and SURF to make the matching more efficient.
the following is the default procedure that we know
points_image_Harris =detectHarrisFeatures(image );
[feature_image_Harris, validpoints_image_Harris] = extractFeatures(image, points_image_Harris );
indexPairs_Harris = matchFeatures(feature_template_Harris,feature_image_Harris);
but I want to combine two list of points before make matching: something like this:
points_image_Harris =detectHarrisFeatures(image );
points_image_SURF =detectSURFFeatures(image );
Points = points_image_Harris + points_image_SURF
then use the Points list to make feature extraction and them matching. How to do this? if they are have two different types? cornerPoints and SURFPoints !

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Witek Jachimczyk
Witek Jachimczyk on 26 May 2015
Hi Hana,
It's better to avoid combining different feature types prior to matching them. You can go through the entire matching process with harris points and surf points separately and only combine the putative matches before going further. By combining the different types right after the detection, during the matching process you'll end up comparing features of different type, which will not match. That would be inefficient.

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