I want to create a curve on the histogram?

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Hi Guys, first of all I am beginner in Matlab, I did histogram to the data, now I want to create curve on the histogram which I made.
Thank you
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 26 May 2015
What do you mean? Do you mean like you have a bar chart of the counts and you'd like to superimpose a smooth line/curve plot (like a Gaussian or something) on top of the bar chart?

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Accepted Answer

Thorsten on 26 May 2015
Edited: Thorsten on 26 May 2015
If you want to plot something on top of your histogram, use
hold on
plot(your arguments here)
If you want to plot the histogram as a curve, use
H = hist(whatever);
reyadh Albarakat
reyadh Albarakat on 26 May 2015
Thank you so much Thorsten, I appreciate you efforts.

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