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Euan il 26 Nov 2011
I am trying to plot mulitiple graphs in a GUI.
I'm using this code
plot(x, y, 'Parent', handles.Force)
plot(a, b, 'Parent', handles.Angle)
Can anyone tell me how I can name the respective graphs Force and Angle?

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Naz il 26 Nov 2011
1) Drug two axis objects onto the gui 2) Double click on each and change the tag property name to Force and angle resepctively.
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Naz il 26 Nov 2011
I don't understand 'Similarly I am unable to change the names of the axis'. After you double click on the axis, property inspector window should pop-up. Change the string 'axis1' to 'Force' in property 'tag'. And don't forget to save changes on the figure.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 26 Nov 2011
title(handles.Force, 'Force')
title(handles.Angle, 'Angle')


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