Have matlab implemented a polygon offset function?

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This question have been circulation on the Internet for a while and I think it is time to ask the question again. Many people have been looking for a polygon offset algorithm in matlab and there are some good ones which can be mexed, for example this file exchange. I wonder, since this seems to be a popular issue, have matlab implemented any offset algorithm in any toolbox yet? Mex is of course good, but the multiplatform as well as compatibility can be a problem.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord il 4 Gen 2018
Mikolaj: the bufferm function still exists in Mapping Toolbox. It's possible you think it's no longer available because you don't have that toolbox installed.
In release R2017b we introduced in MATLAB the polyshape function. You can use the polybuffer function on a polyshape, and I believe that will do what you want.

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Mikolaj Wilczynski
Mikolaj Wilczynski il 4 Gen 2018
Function bufferm() is no longer avaiable (from R2017b). Any ideas fow to offset polygon now?

Mikolaj Wilczynski
Mikolaj Wilczynski il 4 Gen 2018
Dear Steven,
you are certainly right. I have found polybuffer function a few minutes ago while reading whole polyshape toolbox (R2017b\toolbox\matlab\polyfun\@polyshape). This toolbox is exactly what I need!
But what is a pity thing, that my university does not provide R2017b.


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