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Find the index of the last numeric element of a column including NaNs

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I have a column with many rows that has data in the middle surrounded by NaNs. For example, below is an abbreviated version of what I'm talking about. Let's call the column 'x':
NaN NaN NaN 235 6 24 NaN NaN
I am trying to find the index of 24 (the last numeric element in the column). So far I am able to do this:
The snippet above returns the index of all three numbers. I just want the last one (24). I have tried
but this gives me an empty array (in the Workspace, the Value is []).
Can anyone shed some light on this. I appreciate everyone's help.
UPDATE: I have found the solution.
Thanks for everyone's help.

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Matt J
Matt J il 27 Giu 2015
Modificato: Matt J il 27 Giu 2015
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Matt J
Matt J il 27 Giu 2015
To do this column-wise when x is a matrix, a slightly different approach is needed,

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek il 27 Giu 2015

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