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call different functions

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hajer il 2 Dic 2011
Hi i have alot of functions (same idea and different work), and i will print to user to select any function that he want .then in my code i want to call the function that he chose. Can I do that? note: the name of function was stored in variable . for example : functions ( fun1(x,y) , fun2(x2,y2) ) enter tne name of function : fun1 How i can call func1 in code ????????

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Chandra Kurniawan
Chandra Kurniawan il 2 Dic 2011
I have 'fun1.m'
function fun1(x,y)
I have 'fun2.m'
function fun2(x2,y2)
Then I have a m-file
clear; clc;
funList = {'fun1','fun2'};
disp('1] fun1(x,y) 2] fun2(x2,y2)');
choice = input('Select function [1/2] : ');
funstr = str2mat(funList(choice));
hnd = str2func(funstr);
var1 = input('Input 1st parameter : ');
var2 = input('Input 2nd parameter : ');
Just try to run it.

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