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Heat transfer

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Jan il 2 Dic 2011
Hello, I need a simulation of heat transfer in a room. The room should be defined with dimensions and also the location of the heat source. I need a start-up curve from the initial temperature (eg 16 * C) to the set temperature (22 * C) and the time of achieving the required temperature throughout the room. What toolboxes should be used? Would it be difficult to modeled? Because I am not an experienced user of Matlab Simulink. If someone could help me I would be very grateful. Thank you

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Steven il 2 Dic 2011
You should take a look at MLE+. It's a toolbox wich make the connection between Matlab and EnergyPlus. Obviously, you need to know the basics of EnergyPlus first.
By the way, if you're not very familiar with Matlab, why don't you go with TRNSYS or modelica. There are many other good programs to simulate energy transfert related with building engineering stuff.
I don't know what's your expectation but I you want to simulate something big and accurate, it's the way to go.
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Jan il 2 Dic 2011
Thanks for response,
actually I don't need big simulation of heat transfer. Maybe the model of a cube (room) but, the cube should have properties like air. For example the heat source is on the bottom of left side and for how long will be the temperature on the opposite side of the cube (the upper side). I just need something what show me time of heat transfer. It can be regulated by PID controller.

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