exponential curve

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Jan il 6 Dic 2011
Hi, could someone help me. How to model exponential curve in simulink. For example e^x where x is a variation which can be change. Which blocks should be used?

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva il 6 Dic 2011
From the User-Defined Functions use the MATLAB Fcn, the code you should put in that block is
Now for input try the Ramp block from Sources
Another block that does the e^x is on the Math Operations, it's the Math Function block.
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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva il 6 Dic 2011
do you know the mathematical expression?
By your description it looks like a saturated signal
Jan il 6 Dic 2011
no i don't know the mathematical expresion.
Yes it could be saturated signal. I have done something with transfer fcn, but if I don't know coefficients how to reach it. I just want to change input signal or some parameters to gain the curve and it's changing.

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