How to find a special numbers among time series data

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I have hourly data in seconds in one column and in the other worksheet I have specific time values with an amount, I want to assign the specific values from "special time-values" worksheet to the "time-second" worksheet and impose 0 value for the other time-seconds that they don't have value. I attached excel file here.
How is it possible to write a code in matlab?
Hope to hear from you. Sepideh

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Hikaru on 12 Aug 2015
There might be a more efficient way to do this. But, the code below should work.
timesecond = xlsread('time.xlsx'); % reads the first sheet
special = xlsread('time.xlsx','special time-values'); % reads the second sheet, 2-column variable
c = 0;
for ii = 1:length(special)
ind = find(special(ii,1)==timesecond);
c = [c;ind];
tvalue = zeros(length(timesecond),1);
for jj = 1:length(special)
tvalue(c(jj)) = special(jj,2);


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