image capture

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Anand Abhishek Singh
Anand Abhishek Singh on 2 Mar 2011
1. f=videoinput('winvideo',1); >> frame = getsnapshot(f); >> imshow(frame);
this code capture image from webcam.the on time of webcam is very to increase the duration of webcam.
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Mark Jones
Mark Jones on 2 Mar 2011
Hi Anand,
I'd like to see if I can help you. Can you clarify your question?
Also, have you looked through the examples in the documentation?
Are any of them helpful?

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matar maoz
matar maoz on 2 Mar 2011
you can try wait()
another thint you can do is to put a trigger, like : k=waitforbuttonpress
if you dont need the code to be in one part' you can seperate 'getsnapshot' from the rest of your code by double precent %%

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