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Lizan on 10 Dec 2011
So I have a matrix with some real and some real and imaginary part. .. for example
M = [ 1.23 1.34-4i 275-5i 4; 1.56 1.67 3-3i 5-6i];
I would like to remove the ones with an imaginary part so when I plot them real(M) the real number of the ones that had an imaginary part does not appear and is empty. I need to remember the positions because row and col represent the height and width in my plot.
Is this possible? How on earth can I do this?
When I wrote plot(real(M)).. all the real numbers is plotted even those that had an imaginary part. I just don't seem to figure this out.
Many thanks for assistance... to this conundrum.

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 10 Dec 2011
You might encounter problems when removing values from array because the dimensions must be consistent
M = [ 1.23 1.34-4i 275-5i 4; 1.56 1.67 3-3i 5-6i];
MM=M; %don't overwrite your original data
MM(imag(M)~=0)=NaN %replace values with imaginary parts
%apply your code to MM, the NaN values are ignored by the plot function

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