Create Labview/Simulink like environment with GUIDE?

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Hi, I am starting a project where I would like to analyze thermodynamic cycles. My goal is to do something like Labview or Simulink where I would have a side bar with system components i.e. compressors, condensers etc and drag them into the working environment and then connect them via mouse. Once connected hit run and have my Matlab code run transient simulations and output desired quantities. While running I'd like to be able to change parameters possibly and probe the system. This is the project in a nutshell and I was wondering if anyone knew if there were capabilities using GUIDE to do these types of operations or if I should stick to Labview? Thanks so much! Bryan

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 10 Dec 2011
I'm not familiar with Labview but I made several GUI's that control Simulink simulations, you can have something like this Simulink Signal Viewing using Event Listeners and a MATLAB UI. by Phil Goddard or just use simulink scopes and have the GUI just to tweak block parameters
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Bryan on 11 Dec 2011
Thanks so much! That helps a lot. Much appreciated. I think this is the way I will approach it.

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