EPS figure created at the bottom of the page with while space at top

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I am using Matlab version 2015a and having this issue with EPS plotting. The plot is generated at the bottom of the page with white space at the top. I am using the EPS file in a Latex document, and the figure is not visible then.
I am on a windows machine with Adobe Professional. However, I believe it is the same problem as mentioned here: http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/162283-why-is-the-figure-in-my-eps-file-generated-using-matlab-r2014b-in-the-wrong-position-and-with-extra
Is there a simple method to solve this issue. Setting the figure size manually will be a big hassle as I did not use figure handles to the figures in my previous codes and I do have a lot of plots.

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Tim Jackman
Tim Jackman il 2 Set 2015
One possible method to resolve this issue would be to use the "-loose" parameter when writing the eps file. This should fix the problem at the expense of a little bit of the extra margins. For example:
print -deps bad.eps;
print -deps -loose good.eps;
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Amitava Guha
Amitava Guha il 2 Set 2015
This worked and your solution is very easy to implement as well. Really appreciate your help. Thank you.

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