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compute number of pulses for ECG signal

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hajer il 13 Dic 2011
hi, how i can compute number of pulses per minute (for ECG signal) in Matlab... plz any one help me :"

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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub il 13 Dic 2011
The first step would be to detect the pulses and count them up.
A very simple solution would be to take all the points in the ECG above a threshold, then require that there is some minimum deadtime between heartbeats. You can get the number of pulse with something like:
sum(find(diff(find(x > threshold)) > deadtime))
This will be extremely sensitive to noise and artifacts. If this i homework, you likely want to use a filtering technique that you have covered (maybe a matched filter)

Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva il 13 Dic 2011
Find the number of peaks with the Signal Processing Toolbox™ findpeaks function or one similar function from the FEX
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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub il 13 Dic 2011
Thank you Paulo, I couldn't remember the name of the findpeaks function.

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