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Mahesh Vibhute
Mahesh Vibhute on 2 Sep 2015
Commented: Mahesh Vibhute on 3 Sep 2015
I am trying to load a bunch of log files, and then find certain keywords in it.
C is the cell containing the 40 input files in which i want to find certain keywords.
iscellstr(C) = 0
Since i cannot use C in strfind, i have to convert it into C2 as:
C2 = [C{:,i}]
However, here's the main problem. C contains all the 40 files i want to read, but C2 contains only one, the 40th file.
Any suggestions about the conversion will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Accepted Answer

Greig on 3 Sep 2015
You don't need to convert to a strings, try using cellfun instead. For example,
C2 = cellfun(@(x) strfind(x, 'MyPattern'), C, 'UniformOutput', 0);
This returns a cell that contains the indices for each element of C where "MyPattern' is found. Many may be empty, so this is why UniformOutput is specified as zero (i.e., non-uniform output).
You may need to use something like
cellfun(@isempty, C2)
and cell2mat in the final processing steps, depending on what you are want to do after.
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Mahesh Vibhute
Mahesh Vibhute on 3 Sep 2015
That worked! Thanks a lot!!!

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