Reading a specific attribute from a DICOM header

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Oleg il 9 Set 2015
Commentato: Oleg il 15 Set 2015
Hello: Is it possible to read the value of a specific attribute from a DICOM header (i.e., without reading the whole header as it is done by using dicominfo.m)? Thanks.

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Tim Jackman
Tim Jackman il 14 Set 2015
There is no built in functionality that I am aware of in MATLAB to read a single entry from a DICOM header. You could try to make a workaround that reads the metadata and processes the raw attributes using the dictionary while sifting through looking for your specified attribute, but this process may not be much more efficient (if at all) than using dicominfo to read in the header and grabbing your attribute from the structure. Hope this helps.
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Oleg il 15 Set 2015
That is what I thought. Thank you very much for your input, Tim!

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