Convolution, discrete time (not using conv)

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umar on 17 Dec 2011
Answered: sahiba tasneem on 24 Jul 2017
Write a MATLAB routine that generally computes the discrete convolution between two discrete signals in time-domain. (Do not use the standard MATLAB “conv” function.) • Apply your routine to compute the convolution rect( t / 4 )*rect( 2 t / 3 ).
Friðrik Hover
Friðrik Hover on 21 Feb 2016
Running this code and and also the built in conv function to convolute two signals makes the x axis wrong. How do you fix that?

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Answers (2)

Naz on 17 Dec 2011
just implement the equation and use sum from 1 to N instead of 0 to N-1

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sahiba tasneem
sahiba tasneem on 24 Jul 2017
Can u plz describe the code

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