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Multiple delays using cross correlation

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Sravantej il 19 Dic 2011
I want to find multiple delays between two signals using xcorr in matlab. I'm getting the single delay when i use the following code [x,lag]=xcorr(r1,r2); [m,i]=max(abs(x)); delay=lag(i); But the problem is i'm not getting correct output, when there are multiple delays. Can anyone help me to find multiple delays between two signals
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Wayne King
Wayne King il 19 Dic 2011
You are using max() so you are getting a single value. When you say multiple delays, are you trying to account for echoes?
Can you say something more specific about your signals.
Sravantej il 2 Gen 2012
hi wayne, i'm generating the multiple delayed signal by summing signals that are delayed by different delays and now i need to find all those delays

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen il 3 Gen 2012
Once you get the result of xcorr, you can use findpeaks to locate multiple peaks.
[x,lag] = xcorr(r1,r2);
[pks, locs] = findpeaks(x);
delay = lag(locs);
For options in findpeaks, see the doc
doc findpeaks

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