HELP GUI!!! Create a SAVE Button!

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MartiBB il 15 Set 2015
Modificato: mobin il 29 Set 2016
Hello, I am creating a GUI Matlab and what I want to do is save the final result of the GUI as image. For instance, if I input names or numbers in Edit Text, if I upload pictures, etc., I would like to see them. I want a picture of my graphical interface complete. If possible I would get through a SAVE button placed in the same GUI. Thank you!

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Tim Jackman
Tim Jackman il 15 Set 2015
Create a push button, and within the callback function for the button (the function that executes when the button is pressed), use the "saveas" command to save the current figure as an image.
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MartiBB il 15 Set 2015
Thank you for kind response. If I want to choose later the image name and the folder how should I do? Still using SAVE button.

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mobin il 27 Mag 2016
Modificato: mobin il 29 Set 2016
use this [filename, pathname] = uiputfile(... {'*.png';'*.jpg';'*.*'},... 'Save as');
refer link below for detailed information:
or search the " uinputfile " in your matlab help


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