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Error during installation (Fedora 22): The following error was detected while installing ...: archive is not a ZIP archive

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Whenever i try to install the Matlab & Simulink Student Suite on Fedora 22, I get the following error:
"The following error was detected while installing vision_common: archive is not a ZIP archive Would you like to retry installing vision_common? If you press No, the installer will exit without [...]"
I tried installing it from different sources, as administrator. I have enough space on my HDD (30 GB+). I also get this error for other files, no matter how many i uncheck from the package list before installation.
Please help me if you have a hint.

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Tim Jackman
Tim Jackman il 17 Set 2015
Often this error can occur when there is not enough space in the /tmp directory to contain the product archive during extraction. Try increasing the space available within the /tmp directory. Hope this helps.
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Tobias Wahl
Tobias Wahl il 9 Ott 2015
Now it worked, thank you very much!
For everyone else who is having the same issue: To increase the size of the /tmp directory, you can just follow the steps explained on snatverk - Increasing the tmp size in Fedora (at least that's what I did).
Again, thank you very much!

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