Isolating sections of human voice from noisy audio

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Hello there all the DSP experts. As a novice with a problem, I have a humble request for guidance.
I am working with several 15-hour audio samples captured in an industrial environment of the following kind: Noisy background, constant whirring of machines, as if driving in a noisy vehicle, no major repetitive noise, some sudden sharp 'ping' (alarm signals from certain machines), and on top of that infrequent/sporadic human voice.
My main interest lies in hearing out the human communication. Currently, I am spending listening to the entire 15 hours!
I do not intend a perfect solution, just want to save as much time as possible, by trimming the portions where no human voice exists.
Is there any way I can achieve this through Signal Processing?
Thank you very much all.
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Amit il 16 Set 2015
Any starting points, if not perfect solutions will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 16 Set 2015
I think you need to use Independent Components Analysis (ICA), also known as Blind Source Separation (BSS) to solve the "Cocktail party problem". I'm not an expert in that so all I can do is to refer you to these links:
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Amit il 16 Set 2015
Thanks Image Analyst. While I try this, is there any 'makeshift' approach? My 15 hour samples have typically 10-30 minutes of human voice. Can anything coarser may be done. Thanks again.

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