Channel editing problem at the Data Aquisition Toolbox

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Hell I dont understand the failure or the problem at the channel editing. Can someone help me please?
The Failure is shown at the picture and the m.file is shown below.
ai = daq.createSession('ni');
ai.Rate = 50000; % Abtastrate
% Initialisierung der 3 analogen Eingänge
chan1 = addAnalogInputChannel(ai,'Dev6', 'ai0', 'Voltage');
chan1.DuratioInSeconds = 0.5; % Messzeit
chan1.Range = [-0.2,0.2]; % Grenzwerte AD Wandler
chan2 = addAnalogInputChannel(ai,'Dev6', 'ai1', 'Voltage');
chan2.DuratioInSeconds = 0.5; % Messzeit
chan2.Range = [-0.2,0.2]; % Grenzwerte AD Wandler
chan3 = addAnalogInputChannel(ai,'Dev6', 'ai2', 'Voltage');
chan3.DuratioInSeconds = 0.5; % Messzeit
chan3.Range = [-0.2,0.2]; % Gr
enzwerte AD Wandler

Answers (2)

Tim Jackman
Tim Jackman on 18 Sep 2015
When you add an analog input channel using the command addAnalogInputChannel, you create an object for the channel that has specific properties. The properties are listed here:
Range is a defined property of this object type, but DuratioInSeconds is not. This is why you are getting this error.

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Sep 2015


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