Why is my FLIR T6 camera not being detected as a gigecam by Matlab?

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I am trying to connect a FLIR T62101 as a gigecam so I can use it as a video input in my matlab code. I have downloaded the image acquisition toolbox, both the gigevision and genicam hardware support packages, and am also running on 2015b. The camera is connected via USB and I can live stream the video in the FLIR tools software.
However when I use the gigecamlist function to see what cameras are available it returns a blank matrix.
Am I using the wrong matlab hardware support for this camera or have I missed a step in order for Matlab to be able to detect the camera? Documentation is often brief at this point.

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Tim Jackman
Tim Jackman on 18 Sep 2015
Could this be related to a firewall issue?
Also, you mentioned you have the Image Aq. Toolbox, but also be sure you have the Image Processing Toolbox installed as well.

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