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I got message error when add evalclusters function to my ver.

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Hi all, i add evalclusters functions to matlab ver. 2012a but when I ran it, I got this error message:
Undefined variable "clustering" or class "clustering.evaluation.SilhouetteEvaluation".
Error in evalclusters (line 174) obj = clustering.evaluation.SilhouetteEvaluation(X,YorFun,varargin{:});

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 18 Set 2015
evalclusters was introduced in R2013b. If you copied an R2013b or later evalclusters to your R2012a MATLAB then you are missing the supporting code needed to make evalclusters work.
Note: it would be a copyright violation to copy a newer toolbox function to an older MATLAB without permission from Mathworks.

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