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I didnt understand the terms 4- connected objects and 8- connected bjects put in the econd argument of the function
Another question is- How does matlab determine the numbering of the objects? Can I use matlab to start numbering from the middle of the matrix? It doesn't matter to me if I need to use another function
Matar Maoz

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David Young
David Young on 3 Mar 2011
The ordering is arbitrary in bwlabel - and if you think about images with complex, arbitrary-shaped regions, it's clear that it would be very difficult to offer anything else in a general function.
You can use regionprops to find region centres, compute the distances od these from the image centre, then use sort to put the regions in order, and relabel.

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 3 Mar 2011
1) 4-connected means the (2d) pixels must be sharing a side 8-connected means the (2d) pixels can be sharing a side or a corner
2) As far as labeling order, I don't know if there is a stock way to do that.

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