Edge Detectors

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Saad Abdullah
Saad Abdullah il 22 Dic 2011
Which one is robust to detect weak edges while going unresponsive to noise? Sobel or Canny edge detectors?

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Naz il 22 Dic 2011
I would recommend you to try out all and see which one works better in your case. I had to do it once and I applied edge enhancement algorithms before using edge detection. In the following paper http://staff.science.uva.nl/~rein/nldiffusionweb/ named nldiffusioncode.pdf you can read about three algorithms they developed. The code is free and the link is matlab.zip. I could not find the actual webpage.
I also used adapthisteq function from matlab to enhance contrast before before edge enhancement and detection

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski il 22 Dic 2011
Perhaps you could try testing and comparing them for your application:
doc edge

David Young
David Young il 22 Dic 2011
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Saad Abdullah
Saad Abdullah il 22 Dic 2011
yeah i was also thinking about Canny, but I did not know whether it is unresponsive to noise or not. It is because when i set threshold value to 0.02, it shows more noise than sobel.

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