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HI, it is possible to import the comments from Excel file in Polyspace?

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For my Polyspace project, I have exported the results to an Excel file. I've added the comments there and now i want to import them from Excel file in Polyspace. how can i do this?

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Matt Rhodes
Matt Rhodes il 15 Mag 2017
Hi Tatchou-
This is not currently possible.
We have tried to provide an interface to adding comments, statuses and severity information that is the most efficient when looking at results. There are several factors to consider for your workflow efficiency.
  1. Having the results list in excel means that you are not able to effectively click through results and see the context for which they occur. In other words, you will not know the reason why Polyspace is showing you this result; and, you can only make assumptions about this result which may not be true. Please use the interface so that you can see the basis for which Polyspace is providing the result.
  2. Polyspace's results list does provide you a table of all your results. This can be filtered in different ways to facilitate different workflows. You can also use review scopes, which are groupings of checks by type which you want to look at.
  3. You can select multiple results at once and apply the same comment to all of them at once.
Is there another functionality you would like available in Polyspace to facilitate your particular workflow?


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