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Ahmad Rizal
Ahmad Rizal il 31 Dic 2011
Dear all,
I'm quite new in using Matlab. I've wrote a script to determine estimation of solar declination, sd by day number, dn. I would like to know how I can find and fprintf on which dn when -0.2<= sd <= 0.2 with script below. Please help me
fout = fopen('Project_2_Matlab.res','w');
% day number, dn
dn = [1:1:365];
% Solar declination, sd
sd = 23.45*sind(360*(dn+284)/365);
for i=1:1:36
fprintf(fout,'%3d %3.3f \n',j, sd(j));

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Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov il 31 Dic 2011
out = dn(sd >= -.2 & sd <= .2);
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Ahmad Rizal
Ahmad Rizal il 31 Dic 2011
Thanks Andrei, it worked.

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Jose Jeremias Caballero
Jose Jeremias Caballero il 31 Dic 2011
clear all
dn = 1:365;
sd = 23.45*sind(360*(dn+284)/365);
fout1 = fopen('Project_2_Matlab.res','w');
fprintf(' i dn(i) sd(i)\n');
for i=1:length(sd)
if sd(i)>=-0.2 && sd(i)<=0.2
fprintf(fout1,'%3d %3d %6.3f\n',i,dn(i),sd(i));
type Project_2_Matlab.res
>> Untitled7
i dn(i) sd(i)
81 81 0.000


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