Radio Buttons in a listdlg?

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Edmund Paul Malinowski
Edmund Paul Malinowski on 16 Nov 2015
Hey all,
Is it possible to add radio buttons to a listdlg? I've read lots on how to create button groups but they all seem to be for figures and not inputdlg or listdlg.
Ideally for my assignment, i have user the select which note (C-B) is to be filtered but i want 2 radio buttons so that they can choose to either filter out that note or filter out everything but that note (i'll create bandpass and bandreject filters to do this)..

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TastyPastry on 16 Nov 2015
From how I understand the predefined user input GUIs in Matlab, it's difficult, if not impossible to change them. However, they're all pretty easy to write yourself either using GUIDE or just coding it from a blank document.
Why does listdlg not work for you? It allows you to select exclusive options just like radio buttons.
Edmund Paul Malinowski
Edmund Paul Malinowski on 16 Nov 2015
I'll look into GUIDE though, so thanks for that.
We only had limited time for this assignment but i'm trying to do extra credit stuff and thought it may be a quick and easy one haha

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