why MATLAB on my PC hasn't embedded matlab function block in simulink?

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operating system on my pc is windows 8 64 bit. I installed matlab 2014a 64bit, but hadn't ''embedded matlab function'' block in simulink .after, uninstalled it and install matlab 2014a 32bit. but it hasn't it too. what should I do???? help me please.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 23 Nov 2015
"Embedded MATLAB function block" was renamed to "MATLAB Function Block" without the word "embedded"

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saeede soleymani
saeede soleymani il 27 Nov 2015
I worked so much with matlab function block for my project. It has many problems. I asked it from another person and said you should work with ''interpreted matlab function'' block.
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saeede soleymani
saeede soleymani il 1 Dic 2015
dear Mr Roberson, you help me so much. all of my questions answered by you and have a extensive knowledge about MATLAB. I write a code for inverted pendulum control. I simulate pendulum with simmechanics and want control it with a code. code run in embedded matlab function with some problems that I can't solve yet, but the same code doesn't work in matlab function!! I think matlab function is too difficult than emf block or so advanced and complex.

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