How do I get nested loops in a function?

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I'm trying to replace my for loops by functions to get a more efficient code, but I can't succeed to get nested loops in to a function.
For example for this part of the code:
for i = 1:10;
EMGMax.(subjects{i}) = max(EMGMaxMotion.(subjects{i}));
for k = 1:3;
EMGNor.(subjects{i}).(motion{k}) = SmoothSignal.(subjects{i}).(motion{k})(:,2:21)/(EMGMax.(subjects{i}));
TimePoints = size(SmoothSignal.(subjects{i}).(motion{k}),1);
for t = 1:TimePoints
EMGNor.(subjects{i}).(motion{k})(t,:) = SmoothSignal.(subjects{i}).(motion{k})(t,2:21)./(EMGMax (subjects{i}));
I succeeded to replace the first for loop by the function:
[EMGMax] = findEMGMax(EMGMaxMotion,subjects);
But if I try to replace the second for loop by this function:
function[EMGNor] = findEMGNor(SmoothSignal,subjects,motion,EMGMax)
Matlab says "subscript must be real positive integers of logicals", and I can't figure out how to solve this error.
I hope my question is clear!

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 19 Dec 2015
When you moved the code into a function, does the function still refer to i ? If so then the i would not have a definition, and would default to being sqrt(-1) which is not a valid subscript.

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