In Matlab r2010b, how to find that string contains japanese character?

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In Matlab R2010b, is there any function to know that string contain Japanese characters? or is there any function that check the given char is Japanese character or not?
for example,
1)abc - it should return false
2)aあc - it should return true
3)漢字 - it should return true
if there is no direct method in matlab, then how can I check by any other way?

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C.J. Harris
C.J. Harris on 13 Jan 2016
Depends on what you define as Japanese. The Hiragana characters have an Unicode range from 12352-12447, while the Katagana characters have a Unicode range from 12448-12543. Therefore, to check for both:
lLowerRange = 12352;
lUpperRange = 12543;
A = 'aあc';
B = 'abc';
any(double(A)>=lLowerRange & double(A)<=lUpperRange)
ans =
any(double(B)>=lLowerRange & double(B)<=lUpperRange)
ans =

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