create multidimensional array manually

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Hi guyz, This may seem like a stupid question but please help me. I am trying to create a multidimensional matrix manually but i keep receiving an error message that ''subscripted assignment dimension mismatch'. E.g. i would like to create a 4x4x4 matrix like below. is this not suppose to give me 'myCA' as a 4x4x4 matrix? thanks for your help.
% code
myCA(:,:,1) = [2,2,5,2;2,2,2,2;2,2,2,2;2,2,2,2]
myCA(:,:,2) = [2,2,2,2;2,2,2,2;2,2,2,2;2,2,2,2]
myCA(:,:,3) = [2,2,2,2;2,2,2,2;2,2,2,2;2,2,2,2]
myCA(:,:,4) = [2,2,2,2;2,2,2,2;2,2,2,2;2,2,2,2]

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Jan 2016
That code works fine pasted into the command line, provided that myCA is not already defined as something with a different shape.
You might also want to consider using cat(3, ....)

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