How can I change tunable parameters in generated C++ class from private to public?

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I have a simulink model with some tunable parameters. If these parameters are configured as "SimulinkGlobal", in the generated C++ code they will be defined in a structure and this structure is declared as a private element in the model class. I would like to access these parameters from another file. But if these parameters are configured as "ExportedGlobal", each of them will be defined as an extern variable in the generated code which is not what I want. Is it possible to gather all tunable parameters in one structure and make this structure a public element in the model class?
Thank you in advance

Accepted Answer

C.J. Harris
C.J. Harris on 19 Jan 2016
Edited: C.J. Harris on 19 Jan 2016
If you set parameter member visibility option to 'public' this will move the tunable parameters structure from private to public:
set_param(h, 'ParameterMemberVisibility', 'public');
Where h is the handle to your Simulink model.

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