How can i produce a skeleton vein network?

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sophie kelly
sophie kelly on 1 Feb 2016
Edited: Akhil Kallepalli on 24 Jun 2017
I am trying to create a vein mapping of an image of the palm of the hand but with my code it doesn't convert the image to a skeleton from.
A = imread ('test2.tif');
% rect = [300 10 675 675];
% D = imcrop(A, rect);
% imshow(D, []);
B3 = rgb2gray(A) %convert from balck and white to a grayscale
% B = histeq(B3); % improves contrast
figure, imshow(B3)
% B1 = B > 100;
% figure, imshow(B1, [])
background = imopen(B3,strel('disk',100)); % determines bacl ground
figure, imshow(background)
% B_leveled = double(B) - double(BW);
B4 = imsubtract(B3, background) %subtracts the background from the original image
figure, imshow(B_leveled)
B = histeq(B4); % improves contrast
figure, imshow(B)
B6 = edge(B)
sr = strel('line',9,100);
B5 = imdilate(B,sr) %dilates the image
figure, imshow(B5)
%BW2 = bwmorph(B5,'remove');
BW3 = bwmorph(B5,'skel',Inf); % change the image ot a sceleton image
figure, imshow(BW3)

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Akhil Kallepalli
Akhil Kallepalli on 24 Jun 2017
Edited: Akhil Kallepalli on 24 Jun 2017
HI Sophie Kelly,
I am working on a similar domain and problem. I found a couple of Matlab packages which were quite useful.
Look into Bram Ton's profile link Bram Ton Profile (4 programs available)
Hope this helps!

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